Do You Have Impact Resistant Windows?

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Do You Have Impact Resistant Windows?

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When it comes to high winds and storms, impact-resistant windows are much more likely to hold up than regular windows. Now all windows have this toughness and if you feel that high winds are an issue for your home, you should think about getting impact-resistant windows. Here’s how you can tell if windows are impact resistant or are just the usual traditional windows in your home. If you need windows in Tempe, AZ, we can help you with all your window needs.

Marks On The Glass

Traditional glass is easier to produce, but it takes longer and requires more resources than impact-resistant glass. In order to make sure you are investing in a hurricane window that meets your needs, hurricane window manufacturers make sure you know what you are getting. In general, everyday windows have peel-able labels, while impact-resistant glass has a more permanent marking. You can look for this small mark on the glass. Usually, you will find it in one of the corners so it is not easily noticeable and doesn’t affect the functionality of the windows.

Check For A Label

Most impact-resistant windows carry a mark at the corner, but each one is custom-cut. There is a possibility that the impact rating label was cut away to maximize the amount of glass per sheet. Manufacturers usually attach a removable label with information about the type of glass and the information listed above. The fact that this happens is not a cause for alarm; it happens all the time. In spite of the fact that counterfeit stickers are illegal, you should still make sure to choose a trustworthy installer and manufacturer for future upgrades.

Look At The Reflection

The reflection test can be used if you are still unable to find any markings or labels on the glass. You can observe the reflection by holding your hand or an object up to the glass. The reflective surface of impact-resistant glass differs from one reflection to the other because it is made of two sheets of glass. You can look for images that show you the difference in how this glass should appear.

Tempe, AZ windowsAsk An Expert

Even if you find a label on your glass, it is best to double-check that older windows still meet current standards. Your professional installer can provide customized recommendations for the safety level that is appropriate for your home, based on the different ratings that can withstand what your home may require for your own home. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions you may have about the windows or the ways you can make them work for your home.

Hurricane window professionals can ensure your hurricane protection is current and can recommend extra features such as energy-efficient tints and UV-resistant films for your current hurricane impact-resistant windows. If you are looking for hurricane windows or just windows that are impact resistant to brave the storms and high winds in your area, consider getting windows in Tempe, AZ. We are happy to help you with all your window needs.

How Often To Clean Windows

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If you are worried that your windows are dirty, you should make sure you are cleaning them properly and as often as necessary. If you have recently purchased windows in Chandler, AZ, and want to keep them clean, keep these points in mind.

How Often To Clean Residential Windows

Window cleaning should be scheduled twice a year for residential homes. In locations with a lot of pollen and trees, you might want your windows cleaned three times a year. In locations with a lot of pollen and trees, you might want your windows cleaned three times a year. If you think your windows need to be cleaned more often, you can easily do it as much as you want. You may also decide to clean the inside of the windows more often than the outside.

How Often To Clean Commerical Windows

It may make sense to have your windows cleaned more often for commercial properties. Monthly window cleaning is recommended for restaurants and retail spaces.

Oftentimes, windows in commercial properties collect dust, grime, and handprints. Cleaning their windows twice a month might be a good idea for a restaurant since customers shouldn’t notice dirty windows while they are dining. However, office buildings and commercial buildings should have their windows cleaned twice a year. Stores and other places that have a lot of customers and a lot of people touching their windows may need to be cleaned even more often.

Does The Environment Play A Role?

Your environment and climate are other factors to consider when determining how often you should clean your windows. The right conditions might make your windows dirty sooner in certain places. If you live in places where there is a lot of dust, rain, or mud it’s likely that you will have a lot of splatter on your windows. If there are a lot of birds in your area, you may also have to clean off the dropping a lot more often.

windows in Chandler, AZShould You Hire A Professional?

A clean window on your home or business is important for several reasons. As a result, your home or business will be cleaner, brighter, and more enjoyable, as well as the lifespan of your windows will be extended. Getting your windows cleaned regularly is a much more economical option than replacing them. If you need help with your windows, you can hire someone to clean them professionally. This can be especially necessary if you have a lot of windows, your windows are large, or if you have stains on them that you can’t remove on your own. If your windows are in high-to-reach places or are tall and can’t be reached with a normal ladder, a professional may be able to help with that as well.

Keeping your new windows in Chandler, AZ clean is very important, but you don’t want to spend more time cleaning them than what is necessary. Knowing when and how to clean your new windows properly will ensure they last a long time and look great.

How To Choose The Right Window Frame

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When it comes to choosing the right windows for your home, you have a lot to think about. One of those things is color. There are many different color options available so be sure to keep some of these points in mind when you are trying to decide which one is right for you. If you need some help choosing the right window replacement in Tempe, AZ, we are here to help. If you need help choosing the right color keep these things in mind.

Try A Color That Pops

It is generally better to show off the nice windows and to hide the ugly ones. By painting the frame and trim white or a color that matches the wall or siding, homeowners can conceal worn or otherwise unattractive windows. You should consider choosing a window frame color that will make your new windows stand out if your home has an interesting design.

Consider The Decor

In case your design style is more traditional, consider choosing window trim colors that contrast with the color of your home. You can experiment with mixing colors to find what works the best with your exterior decorations and your interior decorations as well so everything will look great both inside and out when you have the new frames installed.

Don’t Get Too Bold

Paint can be changed relatively cheaply and easily, as opposed to windows-which are much more expensive. It’s best if homeowners simply choose a color that isn’t too bright or vibrant for their windows. Alternatively, you can use fun, bold colors when choosing paint colors. You always want to choose the look that works best with your personality. Making things a little different from everyone else has its own rewards. Therefore, if you aren’t afraid of color, select a bolder color for your window frames.

Play It Safe With Neutrals

In the past few years, cooler neutrals, especially cool shades of taupe, have become more popular than shades of tan and beige. Black and navy are also excellent choices as handsome shades of gray, which is the new neutral. You can also use these to mix with other bolder colors that you add to your decor. Adding bold colors to decor that is easily interchangeable will allow you to take that decor in and out to ensure you can change things as often as you want.

If you are planning to get new windows for your home, you will need to think about the frame colors that you want. There are many different frame options and they can all change the look of your home and affect the overall design. If you are ready to shop for new windows for your home, be sure to reach out to us for help. We have a large selection and can help you choose the right style and color that will look the best in your home. We are here to help with window replacement in Tempe, AZ

Why Buy Tinted Windows Instead Of Doing It Yourself?

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If you are wishing your windows were tinted to help make them more insulated or to help block out some natural light to make the room more comfortable you can tint them yourself or you can order windows that are already tinted. Here are some reasons why tinting them yourself may not be a good idea and you may want to just order windows in Tempe, AZ that are already tinted.

It Affects The Warranty

By applying a window film to the glass panes, many homeowners invalidate their window manufacturer’s warranty by reporting window damage. In fact, many window manufacturers will not cover defects caused by the application of aftermarket window films because some types of window films can damage certain types of window glass. If you plan on tinting windows in your home, check your window manufacturer’s warranty first to make sure the film is compatible with your warranty.

Help Make Windows More Insulated

A tinting treatment is most effective on older windows without low-emissivity (low-E) coatings, which are thin layers of metal oxide that block out the heat. In homes with newer windows with low-E coatings, home comfort, and energy savings may not increase significantly with window film applied. While tinting your old windows can improve their insulation, it’s usually better to just order windows for your home that are already tinted.

It Takes Time

Wipe the windows down with a soft, lint-free cloth soaked in a solution of one teaspoon of no-tears baby shampoo mixed with one gallon of bottled water before tinting. You’ll need to measure the size of the aftermarket window film you’re going to use, then cut it with a utility knife. As you proceed, gradually adhere the film to the window pane from the top down, removing the adhesive backing from the film as you go. You can remove trapped air bubbles on the film surface by lightly misting the surface with the leftover baby shampoo solution and rolling a plastic squeegee or credit card in one direction over the surface. It usually takes anywhere from four to eight days for the film to cure completely. Many homeowners opt for professional window tinting to ensure a polished and pristine finish because DIY window tinting can have disadvantages, such as water stains, bubbles under the tint, and little things such as bumps ad scratches that happen during the installation process. Having it done by a professional will make it better and reduce the work of the homeowner.Tempe, AZ windows

If you would like to have darker windows in your home, you can tint them yourself, but it’s almost always better to just buy tinted windows. This will not only look nice but also last longer. They can also be installed by a professional team, so you won’t have to worry about messing with the tint yourself. If you decide that you want your windows tinted, give us a call or stop by to check out all the windows we have available to you. We are happy to help you choose the right windows in Tempe, AZ.

What Causes Windows To Crack?

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If you have windows in your home that are cracked and are thinking about getting new Chandler, AZ windows you will want to know all the things that could have caused your windows to crack so you can prevent future cracks from occurring with your new windows too.

Bad Weather

In the face of mother nature, glass is rarely a match. Every year, hailstorms and windstorms cause thousands of windows to be blown out of their frames, resulting in flustered homeowners seeking emergency replacements. Curved stress cracks can appear in the glass even when temperatures change dramatically. Consider installing storm shutters or windows rated to resist storms if you live in an area prone to strong winds.

Lawn Work

Rocks are thrown across yards by lawnmowers throughout the summer, leading passersby to yell and duck. Flying twigs and stones can’t leap between your window and the flying objects. There are a number of powerful machines that can send rocks right through your windows, including weed eaters, snowblowers, and lawnmowers. Don’t aim projectiles at people or windows when you’re doing your lawn care.

Rowdy Animals

Windows have been smashed by frightened dogs and wild birds. Other than keeping your dog calm and buying replacement windows after a break, there’s not much you can do to prevent these accidents. Domestic animals can also cause problems, not just wild ones. Besides chasing other animals, cats are known to pounce on windows to catch birds and rodents, which can result in them cracking or breaking.

Too Old

Window strength weakens over time in residential buildings. As windows age, they can crack even if they are well-maintained. It is not the glass itself that fails, but rather the frame and sash that expands and contracts. If you don’t take good care of your windows, they will not last as long as they should. Because windows are made to last for decades, they won’t last forever. You may need to replace your windows if they are falling apart but you aren’t sure how old they are.

replacement windows Chandler, AZShutting Them Too Hard

The final cause of a crack appearing on your window is slamming it shut. To avoid an expensive accident, be careful how you close your windows since replacement windows cost between $300 and $700 each. Keep your windows in good condition by closing them carefully. Glass could be cracked or actually busted out if they are dropped or slammed shut.

From projectiles to cold temperatures, almost anything can crack or shatter a window. Don’t forget to check your windows periodically for signs of cracking or aging. Even though not every window break can be prevented, window replacement might not be as expensive as you think. If you have cracked windows and you want to make your home safe and help it look better, be sure to consider getting new Chandler, AZ windows. We have a large selection and we are happy to help you choose windows for your home. Contacts us today.

Hazards Of Broken Windows

Chandler, AZ replacement windows

When you notice a crack in your window or if your home has windows that are broken and damaged there’s more to worry about than just the looks. Broken windows can cause many hazards and be dangerous to your family who lives in the home and any guests who visit it. If you are worried about what these risks may be, consider some of these dangers. If you are ready to make your windows and your home safe for your family, you may want to get Chandler, AZ replacement windows.

Makes Home Vulnerable

Inclement weather, such as harsh winds, can cause glass windows to break. In order to maintain a comfortable indoor environment, it is important to take care of missing or damaged panes. It is also possible for pests and insects to get into your home through a hole in your wall. This breach presents a risk of criminal exploitation by unscrupulous individuals. It’s not just old windows that cause drafts in your home; even newer windows with minor damage can create them. Larger damages can lead to more drafts, which can significantly decrease your comfort level indoors.

Reduces Home Value

The value of a home can be reduced by anything that makes it appear poorly maintained. Your home’s value will drop if you delay repairs due to broken windows, which themselves are signs of poor maintenance. In order to ensure your home is as comfortable as possible, you don’t want to invite unwanted guests. Your home’s pristine interior and resale value can be preserved by repairing those broken or faulty glass windows right away.

Falling Hazards

What is in front of the window to protect it if it’s broken? There is a risk of an accident occurring if a tall window is close to a porch deck. Tempered glass should be used instead of the large, lethal shards that break off when broken. If children play in an area where there is a window, will it be left open with furniture or a bed? Accidentally falling through the window is possible if they climb or bounce on the furniture.

Chandler, AZ replacement windowsAllows Pests Inside

While pests may not seem directly dangerous, if your windows are cracked or broken, it can make it easier for them to enter a home and therefore cause some severe problems. Once pests are in the home they can start to destroy wires in the walls and even leave behind droppings that can attract bacteria and germs that could make your family sick. All of this can be the result of just a cracked window in your home.

If you have broken or cracked windows in your home you shouldn’t take it lightly. While it may not seem like a big deal and it might be something you put off until a later time, you should fix or replace the windows as soon as possible to avoid these problems and more. If you decide that you need Chandler, AZ replacement windows, be sure to reach out to us for help.

Are Double-Pane Windows Worth It?

Tempe, AZ windows

If you are considering new Tempe, AZ windows you might want to think about double-pane windows. There are many benefits and while they are more expensive than other options they should be considered a good investment.

Makes Your Home Worth More Money

It’s beneficial to have double-pane windows installed if you plan to sell your house in the future. Those features are very important to most prospective homeowners. Those who are looking for a property with double-pane windows will be willing to pay more for it. With a little money invested in the windows, you can still make a decent profit when you sell your home or at least have the peace of mind of knowing that your home has increased value.

Save Money On Heating And Cooling

A double-pane window reduces energy costs, which is one of their many benefits. Living in a hot climate means keeping your home comfortable can be expensive. When it’s cold outside, the windows will ensure that heat is trapped and when it’s hot outside, the windows will keep the cool air inside. You’ll spend less on energy because you won’t have to use your HVAC as much.

Sound Insulation

Double-pane windows are a great way to insulate sound, even if it’s not a priority for everyone. Having windows in your home will reduce noise in the area where you live. Peace is always nice, so you can enjoy it. They will help keep your home more quiet so you can see it as a place to relax and rest.

Look Nice

Keeping a home in good shape is everyone’s goal. Double-pane windows can make a big difference. Any home would benefit from the windows’ elegance and sophistication. Furthermore, they can help you sell your property later on if you decide you want to make a quality investment. Having an option that can make your home look different from the homes around you will give buyers a reason to want to choose it. Even if you aren’t selling it, it will look nice for you and your own family to enjoy.

Tax Credits

Double-pane windows are eligible for tax breaks and rebates because they are energy-efficient. The windows might qualify you for a tax refund or break. Before making a purchase, check to see if there are any incentives available. You will be able to take advantage of any incentives available if you keep all the documentation associated with your purchase. You could get back a lot of the money you invest in your windows.

Tempe, AZ windowsSmall Carbon Footprint

Efforts to reduce our carbon footprints are more critical than ever when it comes to tackling climate change. You can reduce your energy consumption by using double-paned windows. The amount of carbon dioxide you emit into the atmosphere will be reduced with the help of the windows. Every little bit matters and it can make you feel good that you are doing something helpful.

If you are ready to get new windows for your home, double-pane windows are just one of the options you have. You can find a variety of different options for Tempe, AZ windows. Be sure to stop by and let us help you choose what’s right for your home.

Preparing Your Windows For Spring


Tempe, AZ replacement windows

A new season means a new look for your windows, and that includes spring. It’s just as important to give your windows a little attention as you do with the rest of your home. Getting your windows ready for spring is easy, but what are the best ways to do it? If you are ready to get your home and your windows ready for better weather, be sure to keep these ideas in mind, and if you want to change the look of your home, consider getting Tempe, AZ replacement windows for your home this spring.


Make sure your house is clean before you begin. It can be difficult to see out of your windows during the winter months because of dirt and debris building up on the outside. Make sure you gently wipe away any dirt, pollen, or other debris with a soft cloth or brush. For streak-free and crystal-clear windows, you may also want to use a window cleaner. Microfiber cloths and squeegees, along with mild detergents, are the best window cleaners.

Protect Them From Leaks

Getting your windows weatherproof is another way to prepare for spring. Seal any holes or tears in your windows with tape or caulk if you find any cracks or gaps. Water damage can occur inside your home if cracks are left unrepaired, even if they seem small. Furthermore, you should check your window frames and sashes for rot and warping. By checking your windows’ outside, you will be able to determine whether any damage needs to be repaired or replaced.

Treating Your Windows

Window treatments can be particularly helpful for dirty windows, such as sliding glass doors or large bay windows. Keeping dirt and debris at bay will prevent them from building up as rapidly. Choose a window treatment that works best with the type of windows you have. In order to keep your windows clean, you need window treatments that can be easily applied and removed. A professional can apply them for you or you can do it yourself.

Replacing Screens

Check your window screens for holes or tears if you have them. It may be necessary to replace them if they are damaged. Additionally, make sure the screens are clean before reinstalling them. In the winter, they are prone to collecting dirt and debris as much as the exterior of your windows.

Tempe, AZ replacement windowsNew Windows

If your windows are beyond help or if you are just ready for something new this spring, you might want to consider getting new windows for your home. Not only will they change the look, but they can also help you save money on your energy bills, and provide plenty of natural light to help boost your moon.

If you are ready to get your windows ready for your home this spring, there are a lot of things you can do to make them look great. If you decide you want to buy Tempe, AZ replacement windows are sure to stop by and check out what we have available for you.

How To Prevent Window Condensation

Chandler, AZ windows

When a glass surface is exposed to a significant temperature difference, condensation occurs. An ice-cold glass of water on a summer day would “sweat” because its temperature is much lower than the hot air around it. Your home’s windows can do the same. There is often no need to worry about window condensation as it generally disappears on its own. It may be difficult to wipe away moisture if you are unable to do so easily. Here are a few scenarios to consider with your Chandler, AZ windows.

Find The Cause

The first step is to determine whether the condensation is occurring outside your windows or inside them by wiping away the moisture. It’s not a problem if it’s on the outside, since the wetness is naturally formed when the window is more than a degree colder than the dew point.

A high relative humidity level in your home can cause condensation to form on the inside. Constant exposure to water can cause a wooden window frame to blister, crack, and warp if there is excessive indoor condensation, which can result in dangerous and destructive mold and mildew growth. Also, the moisture can penetrate the wall surrounding the window and cause unsightly water stains and eventually disintegrate the drywall. When moisture gets stuck between the panes of your window, you can’t wipe it away from the inside or outside. A broken seal between the panes or oversaturated desiccant (an absorbent material) between the panes could cause this problem. For this problem to be solved, either the window needs to be resealed or the panes must be replaced. Replacement of the entire window is necessary if the panes are too old for replacement.

Stop It From The Outside

Condensation outside is a natural phenomenon, so it shouldn’t be addressed. Moisture should be evaporated by the sun throughout the day. To prevent condensation from forming on your windows, apply windshield water repellent like Rain X in the morning if you’re eager to see outside. Droplets are encouraged to gather and run off when a water repellent is applied.

Chandler, AZ windowsStop It From The Inside

In a home with high humidity levels, your window may sweat from the inside. It is ideal to keep the relative humidity level between 30 and 50 percent in the winter and not exceed 60 percent in the summer. Using a hygrometer or the humidity meter built into most smart thermostats, you can determine the relative humidity in your home. As many people do in the winter, turn down your humidifier if you’re using one. Relative humidity of more than 60 percent can cause damage to your walls and promote mold growth in your home.

If you are experiencing problems with condensation and you need help, be sure to reach out to us. We have a large selection of windows and we can offer tips to help fight condensation on your Chandler, AZ windows. Stop by today to learn more about our products.

What Are My Window Options?

replacement windows in Chandler, AZ

Would you like to remodel your home in a modern style? Chandler, AZ replacement windows are a great way to get started. Minimalism, simplicity, and practicality are guiding principles of modern home design. Clean lines, geometric shapes, and natural light are all key characteristics of modern windows. Upgrading to more modern windows can enhance the curb appeal of the home and increase its value. This window style recommendation will help homeowners create a more modern design.

Picture Windows

For maximum light and visibility, there is nothing better than this classic. Grids, sills, and dividers do not appear in picture windows. When it comes to adding a more modern architectural element to a home and maximizing views, picture windows are a popular choice.

Casement Windows

Modern homes are flooded with casement windows. The single-sash window frame is hinged on one side only. Their cranks and locking mechanisms are usually easy to reach. The sash opens by pushing outward and closes and locks by pulling tight against the frame. For greater impact, they can be paired with picture windows or used as a stand-alone installation.

Awning Windows

The top hinges of an awning window are just like those of a casement window. A window sash provides protection over an opening when it is opened. Awning windows can still be opened during rainy weather this way. Homeowners can use awning windows to blur the lines between indoors and outdoors because weight is not as much of a concern.

Sliding Windows

Most homes are equipped with sliding windows. There is nothing particularly complicated about the style. Featuring a horizontal sliding sash, these windows feature movable sashes. They are easy to install and use because of their simple operation. A sliding window can come in a wide range of sizes because the sash sits inside a track, maximizing the view and natural ventilation.

Double-Hung Windows

Most traditional windows are double-hung. For homeowners who are looking to upgrade to modern design, that may not bode well. Although double-hung windows are not particularly modern, there are ways to make them look more modern. Choosing a thin, durable frame material and eliminating grille patterns are the first steps. In addition, since these windows can open simultaneously on the upper and lower sashes, occupants have plenty of natural ventilation and sunlight.

Chandler, AZ replacement windowsFull Wall Windows

A wall of windows is the best way to express modern design at its best. As there are no grids, the view and daylight are uninterrupted. However, there is no need to worry. Modern glazing technologies enable homeowners to enjoy expansive views without worrying about unwanted heat gains or energy losses. Take note of the value of low-E glazing and multiple panes.

You can update your home with modern Chandler, AZ replacement windows at a reasonable price when you contact us today. To get things started, we’ll help you with all your needs. We are here to make sure everything goes smoothly. Just give us a call and reach out to us for help with your window needs.

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