Is Window Damage Getting You Down?

Window damage can become a serious problem for homeowners and families like yours. It may begin simply enough, but such damage can often become more significant over the course of time. You may wish to seriously consider replacing those windows before the problem becomes any worse. If you or someone you know is looking for replacement windows in or near Tempe, AZ, rest assured that there are plenty of options in your area. Those options include windows made of wood, vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum, or wood that has been clad in either vinyl or aluminum. That means there is sure to be something that works perfectly for your home and your unique needs.

replacement windows in or near Tempe, AZ

Window damage is no laughing matter. It can seriously diminish the appearance of your home’s exterior and interior, making it appear as though your home is older and more dilapidated. For many families, the appearance of their windows is reason enough to consider having them replaced. That appearance can affect home value and certainly impact things like selling your home quickly or impressing your guests. Remember that curb appeal can count for a lot. Windows that look old and beat up are a turn-off to friends and potential homebuyers alike.

This kind of damage can be caused by things like storms, animals, insects, high temperatures, and so on. It isn’t at all unusual, either. And depending upon the kind of windows you have, there may be certain kinds of damage you should look for. For example, windows made from wood are more likely to incur insect damage. They may look great, but they can become a big target all too easily. On the other hand, vinyl windows can begin warping due to very high heat. Windows are certainly built to last, but they aren’t invincible. Things happen.

In addition to affecting the look and feel of your home (inside and out), this kind of damage can also make it more difficult to open or close your windows properly. When it comes to the functionality of your home—and the enjoyment of some fresh air—that really isn’t an option. Window damage can also affect things like energy efficiency, meaning your energy bills could actually increase as a result. That isn’t good for you, and it isn’t ideal for your family either.

While you may ultimately wish to trust a professional with further assessing the nature of damage in question, the first step may be to take a closer look at your windows yourself. In addition to visible damage, you may notice that certain rooms in your home are subject to drafts of air that doesn’t belong there. This may be symptomatic of window damage, as well. You don’t have to settle for damaged windows. There are solutions, and they’re well worth the investment.

If you are interested in replacement windows in the Tempe, AZ, area, consider reaching out to Cougar Windows & Doors. We have seen our share of damaged windows, and we are prepared to do something about it in a professional and efficient fashion. You can visit us at 3820 E Main St Ste 1 Mesa, AZ 85205 or place a phone call to (480) 699-9066.

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