How Newer Windows Reduce Your Need for Maintenance

replacement windows in or near Gilbert, AZ

Yes, new windows will cost you some money. They represent a serious investment and with respect to the welfare of your home. But in addition to ultimately saving you some money when it comes to energy bills, newer windows can also reduce the need for maintenance that can itself grow costly and time-consuming. If you or someone you know is looking for replacement windows in or near Gilbert, AZ, rest assured that there are a number of solutions that can meet your home’s needs. And yes, those solutions often require less maintenance than your current windows, especially if those current windows are at least 15 or 20 years old. Of course, there are plenty of other reasons to consider replacing your windows. Some of those reasons are aesthetic, and some of those reasons have more to do with functionality. But if you find yourself attending to older windows more than you wish, it may be time to consider new ones.  

One issue is cleaning. Your windows are obviously subject to the elements and can get dirty in a number of ways. You may find yourself cleaning them more than you wish and going to seemingly unnecessary trouble in the process. As Dry Home notes, “Old double-hung windows had to be cleaned from the outside. New double-hung windows feature tilt-in sash designs, which means the exterior glass can be cleaned from inside by tilting the sash inward for easy access.”  

Cleaning your double-hung windows from the comfort of your interior? Sure, it may not in and of itself be the kind of factor that warrants new windows. But given other considerations, it is certainly a nice perk. Other factors include things like painting. Older wood windows often require that you treat and paint them somewhat regularly. That generally isn’t necessary if you replace those windows with other kinds, including some that retain that same wooden look like vinyl-clad or aluminum-clad wood windows. That kind of cladding can assure your windows remain in quality condition and retain their color over the course of time without requiring additional painting. As Dry Home adds, “Want to eliminate the job of painting your window frames for good? Replace your current windows with aluminum-clad or vinyl-clad windows. Most replacement windows offer exterior trim that never needs to be painted.”  

Reducing your need to treat and paint windows may save your family valuable time and money. Note that older windows also tend to require additional repairs, particularly if they’re susceptible to moisture or insects. These are the kinds of things that can wind up costing you money over the course of time. So while new windows may indeed be a significant investment, they can certainly reduce the number of expenses that pop up here and there over an extended period of time. That makes good economic sense.  

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