Utility Company Rebates

Commonly asked Questions:

Which utility companies are offering rebates and how do I know if I qualify?
Questar Gas and Rocky Mountain Power are currently offering rebates for Energystar Rated replacement windows. (Note: All products offered by Homestar will qualify.)  You must be a customer of Questar Gas and / or Rocky Mountain Power to qualify.  Most everyone in the State of Utah have Questar Gas, however some cities have their own regional electric services and so you may not have Rocky Mountain Power.  If you do have Rocky Mountain Power, you also need to have central air conditioning to qualify.  Each rebate is applied for separately.  HomeStar will provide you with all the necessary applications and even a self addressed, stamped envelopes to send them in at the time of sale.

What forms and documents do I need to send in to get my Utility Company rebates?

Questar Gas:
A copy of your HomeStar Invoice
A copy of the Questar Gas Rebate Application
A copy of the NFRC window stickers provided to you by our crew
A recent copy of your Gas Bill
(proof of payment is not required for Questar)

Rocky Mountain Power:
A copy of your HomeStar Invoice
A copy of the Rocky Mountain Power Rebate Application
A copy of the NFRC window stickers provided by our crew
A recent copy of your electric bill
Proof of Payment: Copy of cancelled checks can be obtained from your bank or credit card receipts will be emailed to you after the job is complete.
I lost the applications I was given at the time of installation. Where can I get copies of the rebate applications?
Contact our office and we will get it to you by email, mail or fax.

What if I am missing an NFRC label?
Contact our office and we will email you a copy of your confirmation from the manufacturer that has the same info as the stickers and will be accepted by the utility companies in place of your stickers.

How will I get my rebate money?
Rocky Mountain Power and Questar pay the rebates to you directly. After you submit the application and supporting documentation, your rebate will be mailed to you from the utility companies directly. HomeStar has no control over when or how quickly you will get your rebate check.  Expect about 6-8 weeks.

How long do I have to complete my rebate paperwork?
All rebate paperwork must be submitted within 90 days of your installation.

How much money will I get back?
The Rocky Mountain Power rebate is set at $0.50 per square foot. The Questar rebate is set at $0.95 per square foot. Please be aware that each company has specific guidelines to determine if you qualify for the full rebate.  This amount is not calculated by Advanced Window Products. Contact those companies directly if you would like to know the exact amount you qualify for.

How do I figure out my window square footage?
Multiply the width (in inches) by the height (in inches) of each window. Divide this number by 144 to get the square footage for each window. The measurement you need to use can be found in the width and height columns on your HomeStar Invoice.

What is your Contractor License Number?

I need a contractor signature on the Rocky Mountain Power application and lost the application I was given. What should I do?