How To Protect Your Windows From Storms

Archive: Oct 2022

How To Protect Your Windows From Storms

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Windows that are well-maintained and of high quality can last for a long time, up to 20 years, depending on the material. Wind storms can also cause blunt force trauma to even the best residential windows. In order to protect their replacement windows Chandler, AZ, many homeowners scramble to take action when a storm is a forecast. Wind damage prevention is always a good idea in areas prone to hurricanes, tornadoes, and other strong winds. Follow the following four tips to protect your windows from low-pressure systems.

Use Plywood

Exterior window protection can be found cheaply and easily with plywood boards. According to the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes, plywood boards should be at least 5/8 of an inch thick to prevent window glass from being shattered by high winds. Drill or nail the plywood to the siding of your home, cutting it a few inches larger than your window. Rather than affixing the plywood to the frame material, cut the plywood to fit within your window frame.

Don’t Fall For Cheap Alternatives

In some cases, people believe that applying duct tape to window glass will prevent windows from being damaged by strong winds or flying debris. Duct tape, on the other hand, will only leave sticky stains on your glass, and you may break the glass when you try to remove it. You should skip the duct tape and look for a storm protection solution that is sturdier and safer.

Use Shutters

Hurricane film protects a home from broken windows by acting as an adhesive sheet. Using this method may not prevent storm damage to your windows, but it can protect your family from flying glass. Storm shutters can be installed over window glass when a storm is approaching for a stronger long-term solution.

replacement windows Chandler, AZUse Impact Glass

Storm protection can also be provided by high-impact glass. Designed to withstand bad weather, these windows are made of layers of glass and plastic. If you install high-impact glass on your windows, your insurance premiums may even be lowered. Protect your windows from storm damage to make them last longer. The best way to save money in the long run is to hire a window company to install windows with high-impact glass. Both short-term and long-term solutions can prevent storm damage to your window glass. Get in touch with us today to learn more about window repairs and installations!

If you have recently purchased new windows or you are thinking about getting replacement windows Chandler, AZ you may be looking for ways to protect them from storms. There are many different things you can do to protect your windows so you can save money and enjoy your home. The options above are just a few to keep in mind. If you need more ideas and suggestions or if you are in need of new windows, be sure to reach out to us for help. We have a large selection and we are happy to answer any questions you may have about your windows and how you can protect them.

Different Window Shapes To Consider

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When you are planning to buy replacement windows Chandler, AZ, be sure to think about the different shapes and styles. Here are some to keep in mind.

Bay Windows

Bay windows are a beautiful addition to living rooms or kitchens, offering an alluring view of your outside area. They protrude from an exterior wall and create a small shelf in the home. They rely on flat windows set into an angled frame that is built out of the home. A bay window costs more to install, as it is a larger window that requires a skilled installer.

Single Hung Windows

Single hung windows open vertically with their bottom window panel or lower sash moving up and down, and the upper sash remains stationary. This means that when you open the window, the upper sash is covered on the inside. In fact, how these sections move is the major difference between single hung and double hung windows. A single hung window costs between $280 to $605 per window on average. These are the most affordable window options available in the market.

Bow Windows

Bow windows rely on custom curved windows that create a circular area along the outside of the home and offer you extended views of your front or backyard area. Depending on the number of window panels you want to use to create the curved bow window, they can sometimes run more expensive than a full bay window due to the complexity of installing them. Bow windows are also known as compass windows that utilize between four to six windows giving a Victorian look to your home. These windows can be a combination of fixed windows in the middle and ventilation windows at the ends.

Arched Windows

Most arched windows do not open or close and are often installed above standard windows that provide ventilation. Some can open the same way a casement window does. They can also be installed in multi-arch structures with square or rectangle window panes on the side and arched curved windows on the top as seen in the image below.

Double Hung Windows

A double-hung window is similar to a single hung window, however, both the lower sash as well as the upper sash can move up and down and usually tilt out for easy cleaning and maintenance. They are the most common replacement windows available in a great range of sizes and materials offered by all top brands along with custom options for your homes. A double hung window will cost between $310 to $665 on average. Keep in mind that window frame type can impact pricing. A vinyl double hung window will cost less, while a double hung wood window would be a more expensive option.

replacement windows in Chandler, AZEgress Windows

Egress windows are designed for safety more than anything else. These types of windows provide an escape route when an emergency such as a fire, for example, prevents you from exiting through a door. Egress windows are typically installed in the basement of your home.

Some counties require you to install an egress window in your home for safety laws.

If you are considering getting replacement windows Chandler, AZ is sure to think about some of these different shapes. There are also many more to keep in mind. Let us help you choose the right ones. Contact the window experts today for your window projects.

Pros And Cons Of Tinted Home Windows

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If you are planning to get new replacement windows Chandler, AZ you may want to think about getting tinted windows. These windows can make your home more comfortable and functional. There are many reasons why you may want to get tinted windows. Here are some o the pros and cons to consider.

Curb Appeal

The place where you live is not the only thing that constitutes your home. The purpose of an investment is to provide your family with financial security. Improvements to your home’s exterior, also known as curb appeal, are an easy way to increase its value. Homeowners can add lasting value to their homes by tinting their windows. In order to meet changing tastes, paint shades, architectural styles, landscaping, and design elements have to be updated frequently. With minimal maintenance, window tinting provides protection and creates an attractive aesthetic.

Adds Privacy

Keeping your home secure and private is essential. If you tint your windows, people outside the building will have a harder time seeing into your home. Bad actors often check to see if anyone is home through windows to see if there are any valuables. Having tinted windows makes it more difficult to see inside your home because most of the light hits the glass and bounces back, creating a mirror effect. A variety of colors and patterns are available for privacy films. Embossed patterns, stained glass, and opaque frosted glass are all options you can choose from. For those looking to increase glass safety without sacrificing aesthetics, clear films are also available.

Reduce Utility Bills

The right window film can save you money by insulating your windows, which is another major advantage or benefit of residential window tinting. Tinted windows reject the sun’s heat in the summer, which reduces the need for air conditioning. During the colder winter months, films can keep your home warmer, saving you money on heating. By cutting energy use, utility bills are reduced, resulting in noticeable savings.

replacement windows in Chandler, AZEliminate Glare

Did you ever have a difficult time seeing the screen when you were watching your favorite sports team with friends or working on your computer? Sunlight can interfere with your enjoyment of an online shopping experience or a favorite film due to the glare of the sun’s rays. The use of curtains and blinds would prevent the problem; however, they would leave you in the dark if they were not closed. With window tinting, you can enjoy these activities more because it reduces the sun’s glare and allows natural light into your home.

If you are ready to think about different windows types and all the ways you can make your home more comfortable or special, be sure to consider the pros and cons of getting replacement windows Chandler, AZ. The above are just a few things to keep in mind. If you need help making your choice, be sure to let us help you. We have a large selection of windows to choose from.

How To Prevent Window Drafts

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Weathering occurs with old windows, and even good windows need maintenance over time. Various types of windows can shrink with age, as well as loosening glazing putty, cracking, and degrading caulking. Your energy bill may be affected if your windows let in cold air or are not functioning properly. Therefore, it makes sense to look for ways of extending the useful life of drafty windows. Without spending lots of money on repairs you can give your home an update with replacement windows Chandler, AZ. The following are six simple ways to improve efficiency and fix drafty windows.

Make sure your windows are draft-free by installing a draft stopper. Cold air can enter your home through your windows using a draft stopper or draft snake. On the bottom edge of your window, you place draft snakes filled with dense materials. It is easy to remove (or knock down) these signs since they are not permanent.

Nail polish can be used to cover cracks. Clear nail polish can be used to paint very small cracks in your window. This can harm any window coating, so don’t try it on any windows that have them.

Window films should be rolled up. You may want to apply insulating film to your windows during seasons when you won’t be opening them. Over existing windows, shrink film creates an airtight seal by using double-sided tape. When removed in the spring, this non-permanent solution can damage surfaces, but it is an excellent way to stop window drafts.

Window panes should be reglazed. Window panes are sealed into frames with glazing putty, which is susceptible to degradation over time. With a few dollars and a bit of effort, you can improve the insulation of your windows by removing all the existing putty.

Consider using interior storm windows or inserts. Interior storm windows have the advantage of fitting directly into existing window frames, requiring minimal installation effort, and improving insulation significantly. Storm windows do not alter the look of your windows, but they provide a tight seal against drafts. No harm is done to the frame, which maintains its original beauty or historic charm. They are also less expensive than replacing a whole window. In addition to improving energy efficiency, they can also reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

replacement windows Chandler, AZInsulating drafty windows with window inserts are a more permanent alternative to replacing them. Putting the custom-fit inserts inside your window frames is relatively easy – simply measure your windows and press them into place. In addition to improving efficiency, increasing insulation, and reducing drafts, they can also add a layer of soundproofing.

Installing and removing them is simple and quick. Once they’re in your window, they practically disappear. Indow storm window inserts can be used for all kinds of windows – regardless of where you live or how big they are. They combine all other solutions to fixing drafty windows – except for repairing your windows. The repair of drafty windows goes hand in hand with the installation of window inserts. If you need help, be sure to reach out to us. We can help you with all your needs for replacement windows Chandler, AZ.