Signs You Have Drafty Windows

Archive: Jul 2022

Signs You Have Drafty Windows

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The following signs indicate that your windows may be drafty if you think they are failing and you are worried they may be failing. You may need replacement windows in Chandler, AZ if you notice any of them.

They Are Crooked

When closing a window that is out of plumb, no airtight seal can be created. Opening and closing the window becomes more difficult in this case. Warped windows or windows that have been incorrectly installed are signs of warping over time. The positioning of crooked windows can make them difficult to latch and close. During the winter, drafts can enter the home through the gaps between the casings, which increases energy bills.

Cracked Panes

In the event that your window panes are cracked, your windows are not performing to their full potential. This unattractive and unsealed window is caused by cracks that do not seal properly between the panes. The benefits of insulating your windows will be lost if your window panes are cracked. When cracked windows fail, they will eventually become damaged or drafty.

The Seal is Cracking or Damaged

You should start by checking the seals on the edges of the windows. Around the casings and panes, there should be no dry rot or cracked seals. Due to the expansion and contraction of the wood, seals can break as windows age, especially those with wood casings. This is a typical time of year when window seals leak, allowing drafts to enter the home. In addition to replacing the windows, now would be a good time to replace the siding.

Condensation Between Panes

It can be an indication that your windows are less energy-efficient than they once were if they produce excessive condensation on and between the panes. A significant amount of condensation inside a window pane can be an indication that the window is underperforming. In the case of window pane condensation, this indicates a failed seal, however, condensation on the exterior indicates poor performance. Condensation may occur for a number of different reasons, but not all of them should be taken seriously. Showering, cooking, or unusually humid weather can all result in condensation if sudden changes in temperature cause it. The condensation should dissipate quickly after the cause of the condensation has been removed. Windows that remain saturated with condensation should be replaced.

replacement windows in Chandler, AZThe Curtains Move When the Window is Closed

While your curtains are closed, the wind blows them, which is a bad sign. The wind chance that your windows are showing other visible signs of damage as well if a draft in the home is strong enough to move your curtains. Make sure you aren’t moving them by an air conditioner or forced-air heater. When the air conditioner or furnace is turned off, check if the curtains move.

We can help you choose the right replacement windows in Chandler, AZ if you’re ready to make the switch. If you need assistance in choosing replacement windows, we are happy to help. Contact us today.

Can Windows Keep Your Home Cool?

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You might want to reduce how much cool air is lost through your windows if you plan to keep your house cool all summer. If you would like to minimize your energy costs and make your home more comfortable, you should consider getting replacement windows in Chandler, AZ that are energy efficient. Keeping your home cool as the outside temperature rises is something new windows can help you with. These tips can help you stay cool if you need to heat up your house during the summer.

You can reduce the amount of heat that enters your home through your windows in the summer by installing vinyl windows. Especially vulnerable to heat loss are window frames that have extra insulation chambers, such as vinyl window frames. Therefore, insulated window frames make it more difficult for cool air to escape from the home. As vinyl frames reduce heat transfer, they also help reduce indoor temperatures.

When it comes to reducing heat transfer through a window, low-emissivity, also called Low-E, is one of the best solutions. In this colorless application, thinner than human hair, there is no color or smell. Coating the glass with this substance during the summer, it lowers cooling costs. Low-e technology helps keep homes cool by controlling heat transfer through conduction and radiation. Not all windows are capable of providing these benefits so it’s important to choose the ones that can do so.

All types of windows, including casement windows, have a solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) that determines how much solar radiation passes through them. These ratings range from zero to one. A window with a lower rating transmits solar heat less efficiently into your home. You want to choose the windows that can transmit the right amount of heat to keep your home comfortable.

Argon and krypton are odorless, colorless gasses. As a result, the temperature in the home remains comfortable no matter what the weather is like outside. Using Argon and Krypton with Low-E glazing lowers the temperature near your living area by lowering the temperature of the window. You can stay cooler and comfortably in your home. You’ll find a wide assortment of windows from traditional double-hung windows to custom-engineered specialty windows at Universal Windows. We can help you design an energy-efficient window that enhances the value of your home and complements the look of your home.

replacement windows in Chandler, AZIt is understandable that you worry about the amount of cool air that is being lost through your windows when it is time to turn on the air conditioner for the summer. Getting replacement windows in Chandler, AZ will insulate your home and make it more energy efficient, thus reducing cool air loss. Please feel free to contact us if you need help selecting the right windows for your home. Among our selection of beautiful windows, there are some that will add a unique touch to your home while keeping the cool air inside when the outside temperature is high and you want to keep cool.

How To Choose Replacement Skylight Windows

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Replacing the windows in your skylight can be a complicated process if you want to update your home. For the skylights, you will need to consider carefully the kind of window you pick. Your skylights will look great and last for a long time if you choose the right window. When choosing skylight windows for your home, here are a few things to keep in mind. They can help you choose the right replacement windows in Chandler, AZ.


Skylights come in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on where they are installed. A window pane can be shaped in three basic ways: a domed, flat, or pyramidal design. It is preferred to use plastic domed windows rather than glass ones because debris doesn’t accumulate on them. For those who prefer clear glass, flat skylights can also be installed. Pyramid-shaped skylights are available in plastic and glass. Their angled shape dramatically increases their efficiency at capturing sunlight.


Place your skylight in the best position and let as much light into your home as possible to significantly reduce the amount of energy your home uses. The installation of north-facing skylights in a particular room can be more easily determined with the assistance of a skylight specialist. In addition, you may need to replace skylights that already exist in your home. If so, you should still select the type that is most appropriate for your chosen location.

Energy Efficient

If you want your skylight to be the most energy efficient, you should choose the glazing, lamination, tinting, or coating carefully. Argon gas fill between the panes and e-coatings are all features that make windows energy efficient. The features of energy-efficient skylights include saving your furniture from fading or preventing your home from losing warmth in the winter as well as reducing noise, reducing condensation chances, and improving your monthly savings.


Skylights not only improve home lighting, but natural light also improves focus, reduces anxiety and stress, boosts mood, and improves sleep. Use a skylight to lighten up dark halls, bathrooms, or even bedrooms to improve your mood and health.replacement windows in Chandler, AZ

It is possible that you are looking for the right kinds of skylights to buy if you are considering a new skylight for your home or you need to replace the skylights you already have. If you need help with choosing the right replacement windows in Chandler, AZ home, reach out to us for help. Buying a skylight is not an easy process and you should use the same judgment you use for the purchase of other types of replacement windows. Our selection is large, and we offer a variety of services. When you need help choosing the right windows for your home, be sure to consider us. We have a huge selection and we are happy to assist you with choosing the right type of skylight for your home. Give us a call or stop by today to learn more about our products and services.

How To Let In More Natural Light

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Consider all the ways you can make your home look cheery and spacious if you would like to add something new. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is to add replacement windows Chandler, AZ. Consider the following options if you wish to bring more natural light into your home and increase the comfort of your home.


The roof-mounted skylight allows natural light into the room underneath. It’s a great way to let more light into your basement or room on the ground floor if it’s dark. Operable skylights, as well as fixed skylights, are available. An existing roof opening is used for this type of skylight. Controlling the temperature and ventilation is easy when you have an operable skylight. They add a lot of beauty to a home and they are one of the best ways to let in natural light so you don’t have to use as much electricity to light up your home during the day.

Glass Doors

Installing glass doors and windows in your home will increase natural light. If you live in a harsh climate, adding more windows will also let in more natural light. Two glass panels are usually joined together to create a glass product. They don’t have any insulation, and there are no gaps in between them. The result is that they allow more heat to enter and more sunlight to reach. You won’t hear outside noise as they are soundproof. Therefore, you’ll also enjoy more peace and quiet at home with the additional natural light.

Window Position

Window placement within a room determines how much light enters a room. To maximize natural light, it is best to place windows on the sun-facing side of a room. Adding more windows to your home may bring you many benefits, but they should be positioned at eye level rather than too high or too low. Window installations can lower your energy bills because they allow natural light into your home. You also eliminate the need for window treatments such as curtains and blinds, which can be costly. So that the maximum amount of light can shine through the windows, you can simply leave them bare.

replacement windows Chandler, AZThe natural light in your home can lift your spirits, make the space look spacious, and make everything look brighter. Several different ways can be used to increase the amount of light in your home. Consider some of the suggestions above. Adding more natural light to your home is a great idea if you’re planning to renovate it or want to change the look in any way. We can help you choose the best replacement windows Chandler, AZ home if you decide this is the best option. Window replacement is a service we are happy to offer, and we have a large selection of windows for you to choose from. Get in touch with us today.