You Have Options When It Comes to New Windows

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You Have Options When It Comes to New Windows

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The hunt for new windows should be exciting. Perhaps you’ve determined that it’s a good time to have your current windows replaced. Perhaps you like the idea of installing a new one where there are currently walls alone. There are a number of good reasons to take the idea of new windows seriously. If you or someone you know is looking for replacement windows in or near Chandler, AZ, the important thing to remember is that you have a number of options. Not all windows are the same, and that’s a good thing. They meet different kinds of needs and satisfy different kinds of budgets. Put simply, there’s a window for everyone. Your family is sure to find something it likes upon further investigating the options.

replacement windows in or near Chandler, AZ

Before speaking with a professional, you may want to know a bit more about those options. In general, windows are made of either wood, vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum, or wood that has been clad in either vinyl or aluminum. There are different kinds of advantages to every kind of window. What makes sense for your home may depend on several different factors, including things like your weather conditions, willingness to perform maintenance, budget, and aesthetic preferences. All of these things matter, but you may care about some more than others.

What are Your Options for New Windows?

Vinyl Windows

In general, vinyl windows are a particularly price-friendly option. They tend to last for a good 30 years, and they perform pretty well in the process. Unlike wood windows, they are resistant to damage that might be caused by certain animals or insects. They also stand up to weather conditions pretty well, though vinyl windows may eventually warp a bit due to extreme heat. That shouldn’t necessarily be a deal-breaker, though. Vinyl windows are resilient and a good value given their affordability. They’re certainly worth considering in the event you want a window that doesn’t require a great deal of maintenance. These windows aren’t painted, and they don’t require constant treatment or anything like that. You can pretty much have them installed and forget about them. They also come in a variety of colors.

Fiberglass Windows

Fiberglass windows include many of the same advantages, but they’re even more durable and can last even longer. They do tend to cost a bit more money, but some families are willing to make that kind of investment for windows that last several decades and avoid some of the pitfalls that might be associated with vinyl windows.

Wood Windows

For some families, however, there is no substitute for wood windows. Yes, they do require some maintenance. Yes, they need to be painted. But they provide such a classic and timeless look that many families are willing to put in that kind of work. Sometimes there is just no substitute for the traditional look and feel of a wood window. That’s perfectly understandable.

There’s certainly more to learn about your options. If you are interested in replacement windows in the Chandler, AZ, area, consider reaching out to Cougar Windows & Doors. We are always happy to inform your family about all the possibilities involved with new windows. This should be an exciting time and an important investment for your home, and we would be honored to be involved. You can visit us at 3820 E Main St Ste 5, Mesa, AZ 85205 or place a phone call to (480) 699-9066.

Older Windows Won’t Last Forever

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Have you enjoyed your home’s current windows for a few decades, perhaps longer than 20 years? It may be time to at least begin thinking about having those windows replaced. While windows are designed to last for a long time, they do not last forever. If you or someone you know is looking into window replacement in or near Queen Creek, AZ, you’ll be pleased to learn that there are plenty of solutions in the event that it is indeed the right time. You will also be glad to know that there are professional experts with whom you can work as you endeavor to do the right thing for your home and those aging windows.

window replacement in or near Queen Creek, AZ

At Cougar Windows & Doors, we pride ourselves on delivering and installing quality products that leave our customers satisfied. If you aren’t sure whether or not it’s time to replace those windows, we offer free consultations and estimates. That should make it much easier for your family to make the right decision and investment for your home. We are always happy to take a look at your current windows and assure that you’re better informed about their status and how much longer they’ll last in prime condition.

In the meantime, you may wish to take a closer look at your windows and determine whether or not you should make that call. Sometimes it is hard to tell whether they’re still performing at optimal capacity. Some of the signs aren’t always obvious, especially when it comes to things like energy efficiency. Keep in mind that some older windows are single-paned, meaning they don’t do as good of a job when it comes to keeping cold or warm air where it belongs. Newer windows are double-paned and designed to maximize your home’s energy efficiency, ultimately saving you money on those energy bills—something that can really add up over the long-term.

If you feel any drafts of cold air in certain rooms, this may be due to older windows that are no longer performing properly. It certainly doesn’t hurt to have someone come and take a closer look.

There are also some visible signs that may give away the age and condition of your windows. You may notice that the frames are peeling or that there appear to be bubbles forming. Things like insects and moisture can also affect some kinds of windows, so you may wish to keep your eyes open for any signs of damage. Even if your windows aren’t particularly old, that kind of damage may be a problem.

If you’re having any difficulty opening or closing your windows, this is also a likely sign that newer ones may be in order. You shouldn’t have to live with windows that don’t work properly, and we can fix that.

If you are interested in window replacement in the Queen Creek, AZ, area, consider reaching out to Cougar Windows & Doors. If you’re windows aren’t in the best condition, we can help. You can visit us at 3820 E Main St Ste 5, Mesa, AZ 85205 or place a phone call to (480) 699-9066.

How You Know You’ve Found the Right Windows Professionals

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Perhaps you have reached the conclusion that something needs to be done about your current windows. Perhaps you’ve decided that they should be replaced. For most families, there comes a time when these kinds of decisions must be made. In turn, your family will likely find itself looking for the right professionals for the job. If you or someone you know is looking for replacement windows in or near Fountain Hills, AZ, you can rest assured that the right professional is in your area and prepared for the job. But you may be wondering whether or not you’ve found the right company for the job. That’s an understandable concern, and at Cougar Windows & Doors we want to win your trust for all the right reasons.

replacement windows in or near Fountain Hills, AZ

First, we provide our customers with a double lifetime warranty that compares very favorably to the kind of one-year labor warranties offered by most of our competitors. This reflects the kind of service we provide and the extent to which we care about producing the right kind of results for our customers. Our warranty also covers things like broken glass, caulking, and screens. When we guarantee a product that lasts, we mean it. That’s important to us, and it should be important to you, too. Additionally, our labor and product warranty is transferable to the subsequent owner of your home, making your property even more attractive to prospective buyers.

You will also notice the difference when it comes to our products. For example, our windows include award-winning locks that close automatically. And our Milgard windows come complete with PureView Screen Mesh and Pull Rail Screen Frames. Our installers even remove stickers and clean the glass so that your family doesn’t have to worry about it. When push comes to shove, we guarantee the best value for your investment in Arizona. We care about our customers, and we care about doing the right thing. That shows in our work.

If you aren’t sure about whether or not it is the right time to replace your windows, you certainly may wish to give the possibility some thought in the event they’re 20 years old (or older). Windows may last a long time, but they don’t last forever. Remember that we offer a free consultation and estimate. That can help point you in the right direction so that you can make the best-possible decision for your home and for your family.

Your windows shouldn’t be a source of stress and anxiety. We do our very best to take those kind of worries off your shoulders. If you find yourself constantly repairing or maintaining your windows, it may be time to replace them. If you simply don’t like the way they look, it may be time to go in a different direction, as well. We can help.

If you are interested in replacement windows in the Fountain Hills, AZ, area, consider reaching out to Cougar Windows & Doors. We take your needs seriously and can assure you the best products and services on the market. You can visit us at 3820 E Main St Ste 5, Mesa, AZ 85205 or place a phone call to (480) 699-9066.

You Owe Your Windows a Free Consultation and Estimate

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When it comes to your home’s windows, the worst thing you can do is remain in the dark. Knowing whether you need new windows is essential, especially as those windows begin to age or show signs of damage. The good news is that solutions are just around the corner. Learning more about your windows is as simple as making the right phone call. If you or someone you know is looking for replacement windows in or near Gilbert, AZ, all you need to do is get in touch with nearby professionals who can provide you with a free consultation and estimate. That kind of help can address any concerns you may have about your windows while assuring that you have additional resources as you move forward. Knowledge is power, and that’s as true as ever when it comes to those windows.

replacement windows in or near Gilbert, AZ

At Cougar Windows & Doors, we understand just how important windows are for your home and your family. We provide free consultations and estimates so that you’re better equipped to make the right decisions. You should never have to worry about those decisions nor deal with older, dated windows as a result. If you have any kind of concern regarding your windows, rest assured that solutions are available. A simple consultation can point you in the right direction.

There are any number of things that might warrant such a consultation. You may simply have realized that you’ve had the same windows for several decades and believe it might be time to replace them. If you aren’t sure, it’s always okay to have someone come and take a look. It is also possible that your windows are no longer functioning properly. You may be having difficulty opening and closing them as a result.

Of course, there are also perfectly understandable stylistic reasons to prefer newer windows. Perhaps your current windows seem dated and out of touch with more contemporary designs. Perhaps they don’t seem to fit with the rest of your home’s design elements or furnishings. If you just don’t like the way your windows look, there’s nothing wrong with speaking to someone about that. Whether you wish to opt for a different kind of window (e.g. going from wood to vinyl) or would like to change the style altogether, there are plenty of options out there. It certainly wouldn’t hurt to investigate those options.

Whatever the problem, having a professional to work with can be helpful. Windows and doors experts can point you in the right direction, walk you through the process, and assure that you better understand what’s involved with window replacement. Before embarking upon any serious investment, that kind of help can be absolutely essential.

If you are interested in replacement windows in the Gilbert, AZ, area, consider reaching out to Cougar Windows & Doors. We do our very best to do the right thing for your home, and we know that keeping you well-informed is a key part of that process. You can visit us at 3820 E Main St Ste 5, Mesa, AZ 85205 or place a phone call to (480) 699-9066.